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The 5 steps to increase your sales

  • Create an account (Sign Up),
  • Create a file .xls, .csv ή .txt with the phones of your customers
  • Upload the file with your customer phones to your account
  • Make a clever text for sms you want to take your customers
  • Buy the bulk sms which required for your shipment

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Do you still have questions about how easy it is to send bulk sms you through our application?

See the related Video which we created for you.


Random??? We do not think…

All we have received even a sms to our mobile by a company or association which are customers or members.

Thousands of companies have chosen bulk sms marketing to inform their customers.


And why is that?

Because the bulk sms marketing is the most:

  • reliable,
  • financial,
  • direct,
  • fast and
  • effective

way to communicate with their customers.


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