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The Smsn administered by the Adamopoulos A and Co OE, a company providing telecommunications services and offers the service for sending bulk sms under the following conditions.

The visitor / user Smsn requested to read carefully and make use of the service of sending bulk sms only if it accepts them completely. When using the services offered by Smsn, implies acceptance of these terms. If any user disagrees with the terms of use shall not make use of these services. The following terms of use apply to all content and that the pages of our website. The Smsn reserves the right to modify the terms without any notice to users of the service. The service users have to frequently visit the terms of use and read carefully for any changes and are still using the services of Smsn, and implies acceptance. Otherwise, they do not make use of these services.

The Smsn provides users of its services, public services, or individual sending sms to any mobile network subscriber, after being bought by sms methods available where indicated on our site. The pages included Smsn services or to be included at any time who are subject to these terms. On pages Smsn included or will include advertisements of any kind. The Smsn disclaims any liability related to the limited duration, poor performance or failure of any electronic storage of data users and / or any users.

The Office of Smsn associated with telecommunications companies and other partners. Therefore, any changes that exist from telecommunications companies or partners, may affect the overall use of Smsn. The Smsn not responsible for the failure to deliver numbers that are characterized by mobile operators as dead, inactive, disabled or blocked inbox.

Charge per network

When sending sms to numbers that have been ported (transfer to another network with the same number), the charges set by the network that originally belonged to the telephone number.


If any visitor Smsn wants to become a user of services, should provide any information requested during registration and to be truthful and accurate. If the Smsn suspect that the information is false, inaccurate or incomplete, it reserves the right to discontinue the availability of services to the user without notice or compensation of charge. The use of the services Smsn to underage users. If minors visitors make use of any services Smsn, no responsibility is.

By registering, users are given the right to Smsn keep their personal data. At the same time have the right to request at any time be informed by the Smsn for information.

Finally, given the right to Smsn to use the personal data of users which has in its possession, for advertising or informational purposes.

User Account and use of services

Users of services Smsn responsible for any use of the services have been offered, based on the username and password, where users themselves have chosen upon registration departments Smsn. No responsibility is Smsn for the loss and use of services, the basis of these codes. If a user is suspected of loss or theft of these codes, it shall immediately inform in writing the Smsn. In the event of any injury or damage that may result from improper operation of services, based on the codes, Smsn reserves the right to seek compensation from the user at no charge for the same. Finally, the right to make end service to that user without any compensation to the user.

Banned by the user using the back-and front page of the renewal to avoid diploapostoles diplochreoseis and sms. When using these buttons do not bear any responsibility for the Smsn.

It is mutually agreed that, despite the possibility of Smsn gives its services to users of the application, how it bears no responsibility for the legality, accuracy, integrity or quality of the content of sms, due to the large volume. The responsibility clearly stated and accepted by the users of its services Smsn.

The Smsn enables users to use different titles sender. These sections are the sms content and are also subject to the terms of use. Prohibited users from using the title sender, any name, trade name, trademark or intellectual property rights which are legally owned by another person without their consent.

The users explicitly state that they have received consent from the owners / users of mobile phones to send to them, online content and consent of those to keep the inventory list at Smsn.

Buy sms

The Smsn reserves the right to change the list without further warning.

In case of purchase sms, online via PayPal, the company is not in contact with financial data to users only by using email as a user account at PayPal. If market sms on-line via the PayPal, the company still does not come into contact with financial data users, only the email indicating when payment. If payment is by bank account, the company comes into contact with only the information provided by the banking institution as proof of filing.

The sms purchased by anyone, have no expiration date and can be used by users at any time. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of such liquidation and reimbursement.

Price Guarantee

The Smsn guarantees the best market prices. If the user search and find a better price in the respective companies that offer exactly the same services, Smsn required at the request of the user for the same values ​​in subsequent purchases. Prices are compared on the basis of lists and not tender a few days.

Trademarks, brands and content pages Smsn

Users / visitors Smsn acknowledge and accept that the content, brands and trademarks Smsn, is intellectual property when it prohibited any copying, aposympilisi and generally any kind of use or conversion. The use could be made only with written consent of Smsn.

The terms and conditions of service of Smsn governed by Greek law, European law and the laws of international trade. In any case of litigation, the jurisdiction of the local courts. If any of these provisions is held to be unenforceable or improper, the remaining terms and conditions of this page and the terms privacy remain in full force.

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