Sample of Use Bulk SMS

Mass sending sms (Bulk sms) can be used in hundreds of ways by different categories of professionals.

Here are some examples of how many customers use our application.

Bulk sms can easily be used for:

  • Informing customers about new products, prices, promotions and new trade policies of the company
  • Update on changes to the company (eg transfer office)
  • Information on the receipt of products ordered by customers
  • Advertising to increase rated customer base
  • Sending prayers at parties and other circumstances
  • Invitations to events and meetings
  • Update and reminder for meetings, meetings, gatherings
  • Send election message
  • Forgot your customers or members for accounts, subscriptions
  • Contact with members of clubs, organizations
  • Immediate notification of workers, an affiliate company
  • Forgot your password
  • Update important information for greater security

Specifically mentioned below that use some of the clients our service.


  • Information on such short offers ex.Bazaar
  • Information about specific product offerings
  • Information on receiving goods from customer orders
  • Information about the start of season discounts
  • Information on opening
  • Update changes in the company (eg change of address or telephone number)
  • Contact with customers to maintain contact
  • Calendar, send greetings
  • Connecting via API to automatically send cash to the owner via sms


  • Direct and rapid customer information for contract renewal and receiving mobile phone from their store
  • Information on cost of service or delivery service
  • Information on ordering products from receipt
  • Update offers new links
  • Information on new products eg APPLE IPHONE 4
  • Information for new services such as shop PPC pay bills
  • Using church calendar for sending greetings and other circumstances
  • Contact - Maintain contact with customers


  • Update Events - Happenings
  • Information about events
  • Update on Opening
  • Using church calendar for sending greetings
  • Maintain contact with customers
  • Connecting via API to automatically send cash to the owner via sms


  • Reminder for subscription renewal
  • Payment Reminder
  • Update Subscription Offers
  • Informing members about new services of the gym. Eg (Power Plate, Kick box, etc.)
  • Maintaining contact with members
  • Using church calendar for sending greetings
  • Update Events - Happenings


  • Payment Reminder
  • Information about returning movies
  • Information about new movies - toys
  • Using SMS API for automated sending sms to customers


  • Information on registration renewal
  • Payment Reminder
  • Update meetings
  • Information for parents to test scores for students
  • Information for parents receiving checks
  • Update Events - Happenings
  • Informing students about changes in dates and times for various occasions
  • Informing parents about student absences and other circumstances
  • Informing parents about new services and courses
  • Information about discounts or special prices


  • Send Wishes
  • Promotion Services
  • Using church calendar
  • Participation in prefectural and municipal elections before the elections sms


  • Update members on new issues
  • Update on renewal subscriptions
  • Advertising for new records
  • Payment Reminder
  • Information on meetings, events
  • Update seminars
  • Update Events - Happenings
  • Using church calendar for sending greetings
  • Maintaining contact with members


  • Information for staff appointments, meeting
  • Ability to bulk sms service to customers of the company to increase revenues and services. (special price list for resellers)
  • Connecting via SMS API to automatically send sms to the owner for immediate notification to email client


  • Media partners for dating
  • Update clients on progress of the page
  • Update for changes, maintenance problems in software or Web client's
  • Sale service SMS API and link to websites or software a customer service package to increase revenue for the manufacturer.


  • Informing citizens about new issues of the municipality - community
  • Informing citizens about social and political responsibility
  • Information about events, seminars, Events - Happenings
  • Information about obtaining documents
  • Information on course registration requests
  • They fall in use to maintain contact with citizens


  • Information for your account via SMS API
  • Secure password reminder
  • Payment Reminder
  • Information about new products - services
  • Subscription renewal cards
  • Information about shares
  • Portfolio Update
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