Our Bulk SMS Services

The smsn.gr offer bulk SMS services

  • Without a fixed fee. Buy sms and eat whenever you want.
  • Guaranteed and direct message delivery.
  • Validation of invalid numbers from your lists.
  • Automatic winding double-entries and errors in your contacts, saving time and money for you.
  • Send sms to one or more recipients.
  • Choose a name to each sender sms example smsn or by (name of your business) or 6945678901, etc. (up to 11 characters or 16 digits).
  • Detailed history for full control of all sent sms.
  • Delivery reports in real time.
  • Export reports to Excel with option (all sent, pending, delivered and failed).
  • Send personalized sms using a field from the address book.
  • Long sms (up to 1224 characters).
  • Review cost before sending the sms.
  • Send individual or bulk sms.
  • Send sms and where numbers have been ported network.
  • File Name sender.
  • Scheduled sending sms (Date and time).
  • Free import / export contacts from your files.
  • Add all the contacts directory for finding direct contacts (unlimited contacts).
  • Contact Group (unlimited groups).
  • Export contacts to Excel file.
  • Search for contacts based on the number, name or surname.
  • Free provision HTTP API.
  • Free provision SOAP API.
  • Free phone support.
  • Free consultancy.
  • Assistance in preparation of your messages.
  • Easy, instant and secure online purchase messages.
  • Send Unicode and flash sms.
  • Ability to purchase package delivery messages.
  • Service of Celebation Names.
  • 24-hour technical support via e-mail.
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