Examples of use SMS API

The applications of SMS API is too many. We cite a few examples of how our customers use this service.

Connecting the site, the server, the commercial application or any other application you the service you offer smsn.gr could guide to use as follows:

Forgotten password via sms, and where a user has forgotten the password for the account, the system automatically sends the password to the mobile phone has stated in its behalf or at the time says.

Inquiry Form / Contact, completing the visitor feedback form message automatically goes to the owner to update directly the questions of each guest and be able to answer the questions of the client without losing valuable time.

Accounts / Subscriptions: automatic update for outstanding contributions to the accounts or numbers that have registered to users reminding payment.

Information on bids, prices or products: automatically sending a message informing the customer of products has expressed an interest or not.

Register user: at the close of each day goes a message to the owner for all users who registered during the day.

Fund Update: link to the commercial application and send sms to the owner to fund issues, orders or anything you want.

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