Interface via API

Connecting via HTTP API and SOAP API

It's the easiest way to interface with


  • Long sms (up to 1224 characters)
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Send ordinary (GSM), Unicode and Flash sms
  • All languages ​​with special characters (Greek, Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
  • Select a sender name (up to 11 characters or 16 digits)
  • Reports delivery
  • API for sms available balance in your account
  • API to import your contact lists
  • API για εξαγωγή επαφών από τις λίστες σας


To connect:

  • Open an account.
  • Inform your technician to make the connection to the
  • Make your tests with free messages offer.
  • Open the following files (with notepad) and make a call to indicate links to files.

*All parameters mentioned in the records should be url encoded.

*The login process takes 5 minutes.



HTTP API Code Examples

Encoding HTTP API

SOAP API Code Examples

Encoding SOAP API

Coding for contacts

Coding for the rest

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