What is the SMS API?

The SMS API is an encoding that can be plugged into any application or on your website and your own needs / arrangements you can send sms automatically without having to enter your system smsn.gr.

Even more understandable…

By subscribing to a site usually comes as a welcome mail. The creator of this site has created a function where the site of a mail account undertakes to send a text ready for the welcoming of the user. In the same way could be sent and / or sms.



It seems the title of my company sms?

An: You specify what you want to appear in the title of the sender, like when you send manually from our application.

Can I connect the SMS API with more than one application from the same account held in smsn.gr?

Αn: Of course you can, provided the coding to indicate the same username and password.

Can the same application to go with a different title message sender or message content?

Αn: Of course you can. You can register through the settings different titles sender or contents of the sms that you want to send the system to different parts of your application.

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